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It's like airbnb, except free!

We're here to promote community as Joshua Tree tourism continues to grow. Our goal is to connect guests with locals and other travelers so they can learn together about the park, carpool, etc. The Joshua Tree Bed and Breakfast has a private room and a living room for sleeping. We also offer other goodies -
Food - Paleo, Veggie, Vegan

Paleo, Veggie, or Vegan options all available


Nourish your body & spirit with plant medicine


We set up events and play music :)

Downtown Joshua Tree

The Joshua Tree Bed and Breakfast is walking distance to Downtown, where you can check out the World Famous Crochet Museum, Saloon, Restaurants, Cafes, the Saturday Farmers Market, and many other stores!

Meet The Hosts

We're friendly, fun, and hopefully not too weird.
Elka Wilder
Elka Wilder


Spent 23 years living off the grid in the New Mexican Wilderness. Enjoys sleeping in caves, creating traditional foods, harvesting wild weeds, food preservation, wood stove baking, singing and dancing.

James Eric
James Eric

Other Stuff

Traveled to a different city almost everyday in all 50 states starting with zero dollars and no car. Enjoys geeky DIY projects, creating events, audio/video/web/etc., freedom of speech, and being around happy people.

Reviews of Joshua Tree Bed and Breakfast

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"What to say, what to say. We stayed with Elka and James for one night only, but I can tell you it was an incredible evening. They had a party with very good healthy food and even a little concert. It was so much fun. We got to meet so many amazing people at their place and they definitely care. Thanks a lot for the experience."
Review #1
Maria & Yves

Mésigny, France

"Elka and James are amazing people. Especially on the occasion of our arrival to them, they prepared a special event. A lot of people came and it was amazingly interesting. Elka spent two days to even prepare Polish dishes because she wanted us to feel at home. We are happy that we could meet such wonderful people."
Review #2
Polish Cyclists

Szczecin, Poland

"Terrible!!!!!! Seriously, their house had no netflix or king sized beds. James and Elka both come from very different backgrounds and it's so incredibly offensive that they don't view the world the same way I do!! So if you're like me and only want to be around people who are just like you and take thousands of selfies, you should stay home!!"
Review #3
Entitled Guest

A sad, lonely place

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-James and Elka